Is it good?

Is it really possible that we can bring things into existence by speaking it? Can we move mountains or walk on water? There are many who say we can’t – Jesus said we can.

I believe that we are creative people. In fact, I think that it may just be our creativity that God made in His image (I certainly hope its not our physical appearance). Creating is a powerful energy. Sit in the middle of a group of creatives and you can’t help but feel it. It pulls you in and allows you to dream big and feel bigger.

During one of my many contemplative days, I felt I was missing a piece of the puzzle. “God,” I said, “I’m not understanding this whole create your life thing, I’m missing something.” Each time I found myself trying to figure it out, which was most of the day, I’d pray the same pray. 

The next morning I woke with this thought. In the story of creation God has laid out everything we need to know. 

“So what does that look like?” I said out loud. Then I thought about creation.

  1. God called things into existence.
  2. God set them into motion.
  3. God called them good.
  4. God rested. 

I call things into existence all the time! In fact, I’m rather good at it! I’m never without an idea. My mom claims I walked around the house at the age of three saying, “I gutz a ide!”

I’m pretty good at setting things into motion. I’ve started a lot of things. I get charged up about bringing ideas to life!

Then my mind went blank. My head dropped as I sighed a big deflating sigh…I couldn’t remember the last time I called those things I’ve created ‘good’. I’ve waited for others to claim they were good. I’ve hoped someone else would see my creations goodness. I even start sentences with, “I did that but it’s not really good….”

I signed again as I thought of the next step. “…and I don’t rest after I create them.” Who has time to rest when you’re worried if someone else is going to notice how amazing you are? 

Four easy steps all demonstrated to us through the greatest creation story ever. 

  1. We call things into existence by having an idea, thinking a thought, dreaming a dream.
  2. We set them into motion by taking steps to making our ideas, thoughts and dreams real.
  3. We stand back and realize just how amazing it is that we have the ability to do so AND we see the good in what we’ve created.
  4. We rest in the knowledge that we have given it our best, grateful for the ability to create.

I’ve still never seen a mountain literally moved. That actually seems a bit dangerous. I have seen mountainous situations move. 

I’ve yet to literally walk on water (and yes, I’ve tried that too). But I do know what it is like to step out of the safety of a boat onto the rough waters  – knowing that if I looked down, I’d surely lose it. Feeling the excitement of taking the first steps with no knowledge just how far down the bottom is. 

We are creators. I don’t think we have any idea just how powerful our creativity is. Maybe it’s because we aren’t good at seeing what we do as good or resting in the satisfaction of creating. But if it truly is our creativity that is made in the image of the Creator of the Universe…the possibilities are endless. 


I’ve got an idea!

Those four little word can cause ones stomach to churn, jaw to tighten, and breathing to become erratic if you live with or work with an Idea Person.  The mind of an Idea Person provides an endless supply of suggestions, instructions on how things should be done, and possible ways to make life better and put millions in your pocket.

They can be exhausting!!!

There is a difference between Idea People and Visionaries. Idea People may have an endless supply of ideas, but they are dependent on other to make them happen. They need you to do the work. They leap before they plan, they suck you in and drain your energy, and they rarely deliver.

A true Visionary is able to see each step, each turn, and predict most of the potential pitfalls before they take on the responsibility of getting others involved. They have the passion and drive to see their idea to the end, working endlessly to ensure anyone who has chosen to follow them is not disappointed. Best of all, they deliver 95% of the time –  no one hits it all the time.

Why is it important to know the difference between Idea People and Visionaries? It’s the difference between churning stomachs, tightened jaws, heavy breather AND experiencing success.

Listen to the Idea People, sometimes they get it. Follow a Visionary, you’ll never be disappointed.

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