TreasuringThere is a little verse in the new testament that says, Mary treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart. The task that Mary had been given wasn’t an easy one. Raising the Son of the Creator of the Universe no doubt was a lonely journey and came with big challenges. But somewhere in it all, she found things to treasure, moments to cherish, and these, she kept in her heart. 

I’ve been doing a lot of cherishing this past week. Our little family has had a big dream of creating our very own California Hacienda. A place where each family can live independently on a piece of property that brings us all together. Last week one such property popped up on my computer and we made an appointment to see it.

I’ve learned to smile and simply agree when people say, “You’re so lucky to have your kids close.” But inside I’m shouting, “If you knew the journey that brought us all together I don’t think you’d call it lucky!” It’s been a journey of loss, illness, surgeries, and giant size personal battles. As we walked through the main house on this new property, I was overwhelmed with the thought of How did we get here?

Next came lots of discussion as six adults sat around the table talking about options, offering opinions and making decisions. We talked about chickens, a goat, paint colors and lots of outside living spaces. Financial paperwork was filled out and sent off. Financials – this is the time all my positivity goes out the window. That journey of loss, illness, surgeries and giant size personal battles that got us all here – had a big price tag.

When I opened the email providing us with our pre-approval letter, the second line said, “If you can come up with more money…” my positivity took it’s cue, began to pack its suitcase and looked for the nearest window. 

Then my heart spoke up.

“Oh sir, if you only knew. If you had been there when the file on the lost home was finally closed, when a career came to an end because of a weird allergy, when the doctor asked just how far two young parents where willing to go to save their new born daughter, the dark days of divorce… No sir, this is what we have – and it is more than enough.”

There are new treasured moments being tucked safely away in my heart. A now eight-year-old grand-daughter who is a survivor. A daughter-in-law who stands quietly and boldly with her husband as they walk through a custody battle, businesses that are breathing in new life, careers that are beginning to explode, and a dream of a California Hacienda that could someday become a reality. 

When that day comes there will undoubtedly be those who say, “You are so lucky to have everyone so close.” 

And my heart will respond, “I’m treasuring every moment.” 


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