Be Still…

Psalm 46:10:  Be still, and know that I am God

Four little words placed next to each other creating a command that takes a lifetime to understand.

Being still… It takes KFC commercials to remind us to sit down and have dinner. We are not accustomed to being still. Is it possible to be still yet be responsible? If God’s given me an intellect and the ability to solve problems, where is the balance between using my God given talents and being still?

Being still is a state of being, rather than a state of sitting on your ass and doing nothing. Being still reflects a spirit of peace, confidence and ability. Being still requires me to remove all the stress, anxiety and striving to “make it happen’. Being still is a result of Knowing. Knowing that there is a God who loves me, has plans for me, is going before me and has my back; Know God and be still.

There are many who claim to know God and have never experienced being still.  They live in a constant state of stress, unhappiness, worry, fear of the future, and are consumed by the pressure created in making life happen. These may know of God, but it’s likely they don’t know him. On the other side, there are those who appear to be still as they sit around waiting for God to move. They too lack the knowing part of know God.

In the story of Abraham and Sarah, God promises they will have a son. There’s no question of God’s promise – just his timing. For twenty-five years they waited. Did they do nothing during this time? I believe there is only one immaculate conception recorded in the Bible and that was many years later. Isaac wasn’t conceived because Abraham looked at Sarah and said, “I know God.”

Be still and know. Know what? That I am God.

Four little words, a lifetime of learning how to be still. A lifetime of getting to know God. The closer one is to knowing God the easier it is for them to be still.  Know God and be still.