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LIVING UNSTUCK, finding your joy
Most of us experience wonderful emotions in life, unfortunately it’s human nature to
dwell on the not so wonderful ones from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with having feelings, but should we get stuck on the negative ones, they have a tendency to overshadow the plans that God has for our life…a joyful life…UNSTUCK!



The Memoirs of Beatrice Miller

I love Beatrice Miller! First off, she’s a shop girl. She’s young, full of dreams and vision. She loves her family (even if they are a little off) and learns she is willing to do anything to protect them. Beatrice Miller redefines ‘letting go’.




Lessons Learned in Retail Management

If I had a chance to sit down with a manger and teach them the secrets to running a successful store, these are the secrets I would share. Lessons Learned in Retail Management will be available on Audible December 2017.


CoverThe Plan Series

I admit The Plan Series may wobble on the side of odd, but it’s a wonderful kind of odd. An allegory of the Bible, The Plan tells the story of a  Kingdom who patiently waits for those who have left to return home.

Coming Fall 2018: The Captive


Children’s Books


Your Wagon is a Saggin’

Philip learns how to deal with three very difficult emotions; Sadness, Anger and I Don’t Understand

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Your Wagon is a Saggin’ :

Mr. Hobbins’ Beautiful Things:



Mr. Hobbins’ Beautiful Things

Mr. Hobbins learns the important lesson that people are more valuable than even the most beautiful things.