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A new love affair with Epicure

I feel as though it found me as all good things have a tendency to do. I’m not sure I was aware that I was looking, but now that it’s here – I think I was desperate.

I have cooked all my life. I spent my my teen years cooking next to my aunt at a youth camp in the Smoky Mountain. 200 meal, served family style, 3 times a day from June through August. I would rather cook for 40 than 4 and the recent years as I found myself cooking for 2, I had lost the fun. 

As we are approaching 40 years of marriage and 60 years alive, our diets have changed. Eating less and lighter is on the menu. I was to a point that meat and veggies were just that, meat and veggies. Boring, healthy, not exciting, and a daily disappointment.

When my friend introduced me to a company named Epicure, life changed. Seasoning, spices and meal packets that make meat and veggies magical.

Magical is what I was looking for. 

I signed up to be consult – started a little company and named it Seasoned – cause I couldn’t think of a reason why not – and today my big box arrived!!!

Epicure Consultant starter box.

LET THE EATING BEGIN!!! I have seasonings and spices that are mouth watering, exciting and makes the old cook in me come alive. I can still make meat and veggies but now they have an Asian flair, a Mexican spice, and all kinds of cheesy love. 

When was the last time you ate a spicy cheesy dip and an hour later noticed a remarkable happiness in your tummy? Not the ache and heaviness that typically follows such a dish. Maybe it’s the lack of sodium, sugar, artificial sweeteners, MSG, or the other 99 ingredients that will Never Ever be found in their food. 

Epicure Ooey Gooey Queso

So here we go. A new adventure in food. A new found passion that I thought was long gone. An excitement to see how fun dinner for 2 can be.  I want to see meat and veggies dance on the plate every night!

Epicure 3 Onion Dip
3 Onion Dip Mix
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