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BEGIN WRITING: $400 for four sessions

Whether you are beginning and have a finished a manuscript, having a second set of eyes is essential for creating a solid story. During our sessions, we will move through your manuscript chapter by chapter. We’ll find the areas where more detail is needed as well as areas that may not be important to the story. Character development, story line, pacing are the backbone to all manuscripts, working together to make sure you have written the best possible story. Sessions are scheduled for either consecutive weeks or bi-weekly to fit your writing life.

Silver Thread Publishing was born in 2009 and has grown into a boutique publishing company that works one on one with authors. Once an author’s vision and goals are established for their project, they remain engaged in the entire process to ensure that the finished work is more than they could have imagined. My favorite day at work is the day an author receives the package containing the first copy of their book.

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Last year we launched our first online course that is all about the basics involved with having your work published. To learn more, click the image below!

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