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Define Your Purpose

Define your Purpose; finding passion and purpose in every day life by author Jeannie Bruenning

Define Your Purpose!

Finding passion and purpose in every day life.

Define Your Purpose! is a self-discovery journey of the happenings in our lives that points us to our deepest desires and our true passions.

Life changes when we find those things that ignite our passion. Daily routine becomes exciting adventures. Relationships take on a new focus. Dreaded task become easier to accomplish. We find the courage to remove those things from our lives that prevent us from doing what we love. 

Finding our passions, building a life around our deepest desires give us a sense of purpose which is essential to living a long and fulfilling life. 

Together on this journey we will ask a lot of questions, consider new ways of thinking, and most of all, discover who we are and what gets us excited about life.

I’m glad you’ve joined me on the journey of self-discovery –

Please consider joining me on this incredible journey of self-discovery.

The four sessions are:


Personal Coaching – $200 for 4 sessions (weekly or bi-weekly)

Small Group Sessions – $45 for 4 session, workbook included

Saturday Day of Discovery – $75 includes a full day session, workbook and lunch


Writing Coach / Content Editing

BEGIN WRITING: $400 for four sessions

Whether you are beginning and have a finished a manuscript, having a second set of eyes is essential for creating a solid story. During our sessions, we will move through your manuscript chapter by chapter. We’ll find the areas where more detail is needed as well as areas that may not be important to the story. Character development, story line, pacing are the backbone to all manuscripts, working together to make sure you have written the best possible story. Sessions are scheduled for either consecutive weeks or bi-weekly to fit your writing life.

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