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There’s nothing I can do. ~ I can’t say anything. ~ I knew something was wrong.

There exists a four letter word that prevents us from doing what is right. It keeps us from speaking up, from shedding light on dark secrets, from helping those who find themselves incapable of helping themselves. FEAR holds us back.

I’ve experienced firsthand the harmful effects when fear prevents us from speaking up.  I’m always amazed when I hear someone say,  “I didn’t want to say anything”. Really?

We live in a world where phone calls can be made, reports can be issued and conversations can be had under the protection of something called – anonymous.

When I find myself in a situation where I think…or I assume…or I KNOW something is not right, I fast forward the scene to a court room. I am sitting in the witness-box and the questions are being asked; “Did you know? And if so, why didn’t you say something?” If I answer yes to the first question, three letters pop into my head; SSS. This is followed by a loud voice shouting; SAY SOMETHING STUPID!!!

Say something. Say anything. Pick up the phone and make a call. Talk to the school. Talk to the police department. Ask questions at the mental health hotline. Tell your story to whomever you can. Ask for assistance. Ask for help. Ask for advice. Don’t stop until you feel you are exhausted and then…tell one more person. Who knows, you may hold the last piece of the puzzle the authorities are waiting for. You may be the missing link that gives them the authority to act. You may hold the key. You may be the person a child is praying for; the one person that is going to help them get out of their situation.

So if you’ve been watching, not knowing if you should get involve………SAY SOMETHING STUPID!

And then ask yourself when it was that you become afraid of doing what is right?

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